Real-time signal extraction, visualization and processing in scanbox 2.0

Here is a sneak preview of the new features to be released with Scanbox 2.0.

Some of the salient additions include:

Automatic stabilization: The system can automatically correct for rigid (x,y) translation in real time.

Selection of regions of interest (ROIs): Allows for the selection of regions of interest that need to be tracked in real-time.  After their definition, the polygons can be edited by translating them or individually moving their vertices.  The ROIs calculation can be used in conjunction with automatic stabilization.

Real-time calculation of ROI traces: Scanbox computes the mean image (other statistics also possible) in each ROI and displays its z-scored version it in real time on a rolling graph, where the vertical, dashed red line displays the present time.

Stimulus onset/offset marking: The beginning and end of stimuli are displayed on the trace graph by a background of a light blue color, allowing one to easily verify the cells are responding to a stimulus.

On-line processing: The ROI trace data can be mapped into analog output channels, streamed over the network, or streamed to the disk for further on-line processing.  So be ready to compute your tuning curves on the fly!

Here is a snapshot of how the GUI is looking at the moment:

Scanbox real time

Here is a movie without actual cells, but showing the ability to mark the location of the stimuli and the analog output.  The signal is generated by waving my finger near the front of the objective.


If you need any other features, please let your suggestion below (no, the system will not generate the figures and write the paper.)