Month: November 2015

Blanking the laser between trials

Sometimes, during long behavioral sessions, it is advantageous to turn off the laser between trials to minimize damage while keeping the microscope scanning.  To do this without introducing any additional noise that may influence the behavioral state we use the Pockels cell.  Scanbox now allows one to blank the laser by sending a command over the network.  The following piece of code will, for example, turn the laser on and off every 2 sec.

open_sbserver % open connection to Scanbox server
while true
send_sbserver('L0'); pause(1); %blank laser
send_sbserver('L1'); pause(1); % turn it back on

And the laser power will be modulated without any interruption in the operation of the microscope:





Scanbox is Windows 10 compatible

We have upgraded to Windows 10 without major problems. Scanbox along with all the other drivers appear to be running just fine. The only issue that we ran into is access to the parallel computing toolbox using a GeForce GTX Titan Z card.  While Scanbox can still run without the parallel computing toolbox, some features will be disabled, such as online segmentation.

So go ahead and happy upgrading!

Update: The GeForce GTX Titan Z card works after all, but you need to adjust the settings in the nVidia control panel to allow Matlab exclusive access to one of the nodes.  Drop me an email if you run into such a problem.