Fixing a jittery, linear actuator

Do you hear a high-pitched noise when the port camera mirror is in one of the opened and/or closed positions?  If so, it is possible the linear actuator is jittering a bit around its position.

One way to solve this issue is to this install the Firgelli LAC configuration utility under yeti/firgelli.  Follow the instructions in that directory about how to install the Windows 10 driver.  Connect the mirror controller to the computer’s USB port. After it is done, you should be able to launch the configuration utility. Within the configuration utility, in the Direct Control Tab, decrease the accuracy parameter to a value of 94%:


Then, click on the Advanced Configuration tab and click on the Disable Defaults button:


This will save the accuracy settings in the EEPROM and disable the default settings set by the pots on the board.  Now you can quit the configuration utility and disconnect the USB cable from the board.

Problem fixed!

(If not, let us know…)