Important enhancements in Scanbox 3.3 firmware

Good news!

The latest Scanbox version in Github includes a few important improvements and fixes:

  1. The new firmware substantially decreases line jitter producing even shaper images.
  2. It removes the artifactual horizontal lines from the mean of bidirectional scanning acquisitions.
  3. It fixes a bug in the phase of the camera trigger signal.
  4. It checks for cases where no cameras are present (which produced an error on startup before).
  5. It fixes a bug where the objective moved by a small amount (~10′ of arc) after being zeroed.
  6. It increases the velocities of the x/y stages in Knobby’s velocity mode.

Scanbox firmware must be updated to run this release.  There are no changes to the Motor Box or Knobby firmware.

As always, remember to keep a copy of your latest version.