Support for Phenosys Speedbelt Linear Treadmill

Scanbox now provides a direct interface to Phenosys’ speedbelt.  Once the speedbelt is connected via the USB to the computer it will show up as a COM port on the Device Manager.  To acquire input from the treadmill, simply define the speedbelt_com configuration variable specifying the corresponding COM port.


Within the Scanbox “Treadmill and Encoder” panel you will now see two different checkboxes, one for the standard quadrature encoder and another for the speedbelt.  Similarly, there are two different counters, indicating the activity of each sensing mechanism.  If the checkbox for the speedbelt is active for an acquisition, a *_speedbelt.mat file will be generated at the end with the corresponding speed in each frame.  The speedbelt counter also shows the speed in real time.