Adjusting the illumination

If you are using the port camera on the microscope to acquire intrinsic and/or epi-fluorescence imagery, it is helpful to have a tool to adjust the illumination to be even across the sample such that no regions are saturated.

A new illumination checkbox is now available in the camera panel:

When the camera is on, you can click on this checkbox to launch a new window that will display the same image as in the preview window with the colormap of your choice, while adding a contour at a level set of your choice (the default is 95% of the maximum).

Here is an example of how it looks with the main Scanbox window and the illumination window showing the data side by side. The region inside the black contour is near saturation.

The preview window will stream the camera data in real time. The illumination analysis will update at a rate of 4 frames per second (computing level sets for large images takes some time).