Scanbox gets a github repository

As a way to streamline all future updates to Scanbox, to report and resolve issues, and to develop a Wiki for documentation and discussions, I created a Github repository for Scanbox.

This is a private repository for users of Scanbox.  If are already a Scanbox user, please open a GitHub account and email me your username, so I can add you to the list of collaborators.

Please note that Matlab has integrated Git version control into its 2014b release. You should start here to set up Git in Matlab.  After you are done, clone the Scanbox repository in a new, empty folder to start working with Git.  Make sure to modify the Matlab path to include all the sub-directories within the folder you selected.

Once set up, just make sure that you regularly fetch to keep updated as to any changes made to the software.

For those of you that may want to contribute and exchange code, we will also have a section devoted to analyses functions that users are willing to share.

Happy holidays and may the new year bring exciting science….  and world peace.