Better positioning with a wireless 3D mouse

The latest Scanbox release switches its positioning mechanism to rely on the 3dconnection wireless SpaceMouse.  A single controller provides a more intuitive, responsive and smoother control of microscope position.  It is more intuitive because the panning controls align with the axes of the microscope, and a twist motion of the knob allows you to rotate the objective.


With the 3D mouse it is no longer necessary to specify an axis before movement — you just move the joystick in the desired direction and the axes will be selected.  It also provides two buttons that allow switching between coarse/fine motion and normal/rotated modes. The interface is and faster through java-based listeners that take care of the motion without interfering with data acquisition and display.


Because the communication and control methods with the motor control box have changed substantially, the older ShuttleXpress wheel will no longer be supported in future releases.  So make sure you have your 3D mouse before upgrading to the most recent version of Scanbox.  It can be obtained here.