Meet Knobby

Knobby is finally here!

Knobby provides an alternative to the 3D mouse interface for controlling the position of the microscope.

Knobby offers simultaneous control of all axes of the microscope by independent knobs (X, Y, Z and objective angle, A) and is very responsive to the user movements producing nice, smooth motion.

The position control interface appears now on a touch-screen that replaces the panel within Scanbox (which will be grayed out if you use Knobby instead of the 3D mouse).

As the layout and functionality of the touch-screen is identical to that of the Scanbox panel, users should find it very easy to make the transition.


The position of the microscope is displayed in real-time on Knobby’s screen as the knobs are turned (compared to updates at the end of each movement with the 3D mouse), so now one can easily adjust the position with sub micrometer precision in a smooth fashion.

A lock/unlock feature prevents accidentally moving the microscope by touching the knobs.

Knobby is uses a USB port to allow for communication with Scanbox and firmware upgrades.

Knobby also makes Scanbox faster by offloading position control to an external device, instead of having to handle it within the Scanbox main loop.

As mentioned earlier, Scanbox will continue to support the 3D mouse interface.

If interested in Knobby, please contact Josh.