Improved adjustment of ROIs location, laser power and depth in the mesoscope

We have made some recent improvements to the mesoscope GUI (thanks to Zaneta Navratilova and Dhruba Banerjee from Bruce McNaughton Lab at UCI for the feedback).

The new interface allows users to:

  1. Quickly create a wide-field panorama
  2. Define ROIs and their locations
  3. Adjust the depth (ETL setting) and laser power for each ROI.
  4. Save/Load previously used ROI settings
  5. Copy the location of one ROI to another.

The adjustments can be done both in the panorama+ROI window or in the grid window showing the ROIs side-by-side.  Changes can be done on the fly as the system scans (dynamic ROIs).



To change the setting of an ROI:

  1. Select the desired ROI from the pull-down menu in the mesoscope view (the corresponding ROI will be highlighted)
  2. Change in location: drag the ROI to a different position within the panorama.
  3. Change in power: change the setting of the power slider in the mesoscope view.
  4. Change in depth: use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down in depth.

As you make these changes, they will be reflected automatically in the ROI parameter table, which now displays proper units (location and depth in um, and power in % of maximum).

In the video I show these various steps in action. In most cases what I am doing is obvious except when images change without me touching any controls.  In that case, I am using the mouse wheel to change the depth of the different ROIs.

In case you are wondering, the slide is of corn stem (Carolina #303296).

Once satisfied with the settings you can start collecting your data.