Happy Holidays from Scanbox

Happy holidays to all Scanbox users!

This was a very productive year.  We introduced a number of new features including:

Introduction of Virtual Knobby
Introduction of Knobby 2.0
Introduction of Knobby Scheduler
Support for TTL start/stop acquisition mode
Enhancements to alignment and segmentation tools
Introduction of the plugin server
Introduced spatial calibration and return to origin with Knobby 2.0
Developed remote control of microscope position with click-and-center mode
Developed automatic calibration of the optotune
Introduced automatic gain control of laser power
Support for visualization of individual slices during acquisition of volumetric data
Support of spatial calibration for multiple objectives
Introduced new functions to process volumetric data
Developed tiling with Knobby 2.0
Introduced methods to program ETL to sample on a surface
Support of intrinsic and wide-field imaging
Added configuration settings for different PMT amplifiers
Developed PPL delay line for optimal sample clock phase
Introduced support for the NLW Mesoscope
Developed automatic procedure for pockels cell calibration
Completed development of our new tower system

All software features are offered at no additional cost to our Scanbox users.

What will 2018 bring?

Well… that depends on your requests for new features. What do you like to see implemented?  What needs improvement?

Let us know in the comments below!